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Academic honesty / Referencing: Turnitin

I can't see my originality score


  • Check that your document is Word or PDF only. Turnitin does not accept Pages documents
  • Check that your document size is not more than 20MB
  • Are you trying to make a re-submission (2nd submission) after the due date? Turnitin wont accept resubmissions after the due date
  • Is it your first time submitting a document to Turnitin? Check your internet browser's address bar to ensure that pop-ups from MonteConnect are not being blocked. If they are, allow pop-ups from MonteConnect


Turnitin is used at Monte as a academic honesty tool to ensure that students learn the skills of referencing and acknowledging sources.

Students upload work to Turnitin via MonteConnect. The submitted work is then compared to a database of web, journal and academic content to assess similarities to other people's work.

Students can submit work to Turnitin more than once, but note that second and subsequent submissions may take 24 hours to be processed.

For troubleshooting Turnitin issues contact Mrs Brown or Mrs Wotherspoon in the library.

Turnitin FAQs

How do I submit my file to Turnitin?

Through the link that your teacher will have created on your MonteConnect course page

How long does it take to get my originality percentage figure?

The Originality Report (the percentage figure you want to see) is usually created within 5 to 10 minutes of submission. That is for an average paper of 500 to 1000 words. Longer papers will take a little more time.

Can I submit my assignment more than once?

If your teacher allows it. Originality Reports for resubmitted assignments (if you submit a second or third version of the same task) take 24 hours to appear. During this time you will NOT have access to the Originality Report or percentage figure. You need to factor this in to your time management, perhaps ensuring you don’t wait till the last minute to submit to Turnitin.

You cannot re-submit an assignment after the due date has passed. Turnitin wont allow it.

What kinds of files can I submit?

Turnitin accepts Word, PDF or Powerpoint. Turnitin wont accept Pages or Keynote files

What originality percentage is acceptable?

It's not about the number. It is about what comes back as a match. You must correctly acknowledge all the source material that you have used to create your assignment, whether you are quoting, summarising or paraphrasing (putting it in your own words). 

Need help?

Contact Mrs Brown or Mrs Wotherspoon in the Library